Any disability can be experienced as a huge challenge and be hard to live and deal with. Impacted people .have to (re)discover themselves and find different ways to fulfill their dreams without slipping into the realms of depression and frustration. It is easy when faced with intense adversity to let oneself experience more intense negative feelings and emotions, yet these undermine one’s rationality and give rise to confusing mindsets regarding one’s own image and capabilities. What usually follows is an all time low and sensations of self pity and loss of worthless set in.

Here are some of the reasons how refreshing therapeutic approaches to laughter such as laugther wellness and laughter yoga help people with disabilities

Course recommended for: 

Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, disability service center stuff , EVS volunteer working with people with disability , Teachers.

With whom you can use this techniques

Disability people (deaf, bland, wheelchair users,) health problems people (children and young in hospice care )

Recommended duration of the training :

 3-4 times in week , 20-30 time session .



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