Welcome to the  laughter kitchen .

Here is the receipt for  "3 H" (Handmade Happiness Hormones).  You don't need money , it will be made of you and for you like a piece of cake. You just need to be present, good mood, patience, be part of it, laugh and enjoy.

Motto :" Don't be afraid to be  ridiculous"

Training Course is recommended for teachers, youth workers, mentors.

Target group: Young people with depression

Number of group participants: 15

Duration:  5 weeks

Number of sessions: 5

Objectives : 1 to teach them to breath correctly

                         2 to focus on the training

                         3 to teach in a simple way

                         4 to make activities attractive

                         5. to boost to be more self confident

                        6 to teach them laughter techniques to produce happiness hormones.



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