Laughing without reason - have you tried it?!

Do you recall a moment in your life when the only words in your vocabulary for a period of time were "ha-ha-ha" ? While you are thinking about the past moments and the reasons for your laughter I believe you've heard about a saying that "Laughter is the best medicine". Yes, it may sound ridiculous and there could be many people that are trying to prove it otherwise, but the only way you will learn about the positive effects will be trying this yourself.

There will be a lot of laughter involved, as well as body movements, sounding and acting ridiculous, but you will not leave the room with the same emotions you had before trying this.

Laughing without reason is a physical exercise. The main aim is to move your diaphragm through imitating natural laughter. A practice, a technique, an exercise involving prolonged laughter that provides us physiological and psychological benefits.

This training course will provide you with the basic information about the methods and techniques used that can help relax your body and muscles, clear your mind and give your body an oxygen boost to improve team work, enhance motivation, discover a positive mental attitude towards things in life and most importantly - keep you calm and relaxed.

To find out more about laughter and its benefits here is the link to an article with six reasons why laughter is the best medicine.