Do you want to learn one language to communicate with people from around the world?

Do you want to talk underwater? Talk through the window? During eating?

And the most important – do you want to talk with Deaf* people?

If yes, we invite you to our magic world of SIGN LANGUAGE! Short introduction what is International Sign? It is a sign-language pidgin that allows Deaf from around the world to communicate with each other. Despite its name, it isn’t a language! It is set of the most universal signs.
*Why Deaf is a capital D? The explanation is in course „How to communicate with deaf people”

The main objective of this course is teaching potential or current EVS volunteers International Sign (IS) at the basic level. This e-training will allow you to communicate with Deaf in different situation: work with other deaf volunteer, work with deaf as part of EVS’ activity, give first aid to deaf person and many other situations…

This course is subdivided into five thematic lessons:

  • Alphabet
  • Saying hello and goodbye
  • Simple conversation
  • Work situation
  • First aid