Supporting families and keeping children safe from harm are at the heart of social work practice. Many volunteers in a variety of settings work to provide services ranging from family support to the education and care of vulnerable children.  In these terms, it is important to realize the basic principles and characteristics of work with kids of different age. This course aims at providing relevant information about the strategies of work with children and examples of successful implementation of communicative and interactive activities with the educative and entertainment purposes.


-         To prepare the EVS volunteers for the work with children of different ages;

-         To improve the knowledge about children, their psychology, needs and interests;

-         To provide the volunteers with the ideas and suggestions for various activities and games;

-         To measure the level of comprehension of peculiarities of work with children, in various situations.

 The course comprises of three chapters, which give advice on the work with children of different age and suggest assignments for self-evaluation. At the end of the course, the participants will get the certificates.

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