The aim of this e-learning course is to support ex-EVS Volunteers in the engagement in a local community through own initiatives, get involved in an EVS Mentoring system and benefit from other type of Erasmus+ opportunities at local, national and European levels. During the course you will have possibilities

- to identify mechanisms for ex-EVS Volunteers to apply their competences in a local community upon their return to home countries,

- to transform the nature of an ex-EVS Volunteer to the role of a mentor to provide personal and learning support to current EVS volunteers within the term of the voluntary service,

- to provide information on Erasmus+ learning possibilities to boost ex-EVS volunteers professional and personal growth after the completion of EVS projects.

This course will last 5 weeks where you will have a space to discover and learn about topics, such as

- Active involvement in local communities after the EVS projects,

- Mentoring system in EVS,

- Erasmus+ and other opportunities,

- Evaluate and Close

which will be accompanied by theoretical insights and practical tasks to be carried out in online and offline settings. After successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate of participation.

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