Laughter techniques in non formal education for health, well-being and social inclusion

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  • Because …
  • Laughter is life.
  • Humour makes people feel at ease.


         Welcome to the  laughter kitchen .

Here is the receipt for  "3 H" (Handmade Happiness Hormones).  You don't need money , it will be made of you and for you like a piece of cake. You just need to be present, good mood, patience, be part of it, laugh and enjoy.

Motto :" Don't be afraid to be  ridiculous"

Training Course is recommended for teachers, youth workers, mentors.

Target group: Young people with depression

Number of group participants: 15

Duration:  5 weeks

Number of sessions: 5

Objectives : 1 to teach them to breath correctly

                         2 to focus on the training

                         3 to teach in a simple way

                         4 to make activities attractive

                         5. to boost to be more self confident

                        6 to teach them laughter techniques to produce happiness hormones.




Any disability can be experienced as a huge challenge and be hard to live and deal with. Impacted people .have to (re)discover themselves and find different ways to fulfill their dreams without slipping into the realms of depression and frustration. It is easy when faced with intense adversity to let oneself experience more intense negative feelings and emotions, yet these undermine one’s rationality and give rise to confusing mindsets regarding one’s own image and capabilities. What usually follows is an all time low and sensations of self pity and loss of worthless set in.

Here are some of the reasons how refreshing therapeutic approaches to laughter such as laugther wellness and laughter yoga help people with disabilities

Course recommended for: 

Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, disability service center stuff , EVS volunteer working with people with disability , Teachers.

With whom you can use this techniques

Disability people (deaf, bland, wheelchair users,) health problems people (children and young in hospice care )

Recommended duration of the training :

 3-4 times in week , 20-30 time session .



This course is for anyone wants to work with EVS Volunteers and want to make them happier.

You are ? So come and join our community of falicitator!

During 2 months you will work with young EVS volunteers with one session of laughing withour reason by week (30 minutes).

A complete 3-stage method of warm-up, exercising and meditation by laughing to address common issues in your work with student/intern groups.

Laughing without reason - have you tried it?!

Do you recall a moment in your life when the only words in your vocabulary for a period of time were "ha-ha-ha" ? While you are thinking about the past moments and the reasons for your laughter I believe you've heard about a saying that "Laughter is the best medicine". Yes, it may sound ridiculous and there could be many people that are trying to prove it otherwise, but the only way you will learn about the positive effects will be trying this yourself.

There will be a lot of laughter involved, as well as body movements, sounding and acting ridiculous, but you will not leave the room with the same emotions you had before trying this.

Laughing without reason is a physical exercise. The main aim is to move your diaphragm through imitating natural laughter. A practice, a technique, an exercise involving prolonged laughter that provides us physiological and psychological benefits.

This training course will provide you with the basic information about the methods and techniques used that can help relax your body and muscles, clear your mind and give your body an oxygen boost to improve team work, enhance motivation, discover a positive mental attitude towards things in life and most importantly - keep you calm and relaxed.

To find out more about laughter and its benefits here is the link to an article with six reasons why laughter is the best medicine.

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