This category includes online trainings which help EVS volunteers acquire possible skills needed during the and after EVS.

The target of this course is to give you the basic knowledge about intercultural communication. This course is going to involve the participants into the topics such as intercultural communication and cultures. 

So if you want to find out more join us and enjoy!


"Everyone has a plan: until they get punched in the face" Mike Tyson

Project management looks easy until you try it. Some people may see it as bureaucratic and think that it's only about useless paperwork.

We usually use the term “Project management” in the work environment, but it is actually in many areas of our lives. We use project management without even realizing it. Whether it’s cooking or going to work or to school, we all use project management every day.

A dream or a hope is not a strategy. Project management provides a framework to help you to reach your goal. Every project is different, but all start with an idea and a potential for an outcome if that idea is guided into reality.

This training course will provide you basic information about Project management, so you can be successful in your projects.

The knowledge and skills that you will learn, practice and improve during your projects will help you for your EVS but also in your professional and personal life. Those knowledge and skills are transferable and will develop your employability.

Training for EVS volunteers in Conflict management and Prevention:

Increase their knowledge and skills with 10 hours adopted smart cours

How to manage Conflicts?

How to prevent Conflicts ?

/Are you young and in daily life have questions like: `why is my neighbor angry? `What I can do to improve my communication skills? ` What is important to know about the conflicts?

This course is for you!

This course is for `beginners`, but you can find something important and relevant for answer on your questions.

Of course, you can request more and more deep and academic type of information, of course, I am ready to work on your request. This course will be improved according to your interest and readiness 



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