This category includes online training which concern various stages of EVS including preparation, starting, self evaluation, promotion, finishing and the period just after EVS.

The OBJECTIVE of this training course is to provide necessary information to future EVS volunteers.

You have already decided to do EVS, and you have choosen your country. But, you still have some questions in your mind. For instance,  after you go what will happen or how can you manage your EVS. So, this training course is meeting with your expectations and with your questions.

You will find useful informations in this training course about how to manage your EVS. We will help you with some suggestions about how to prepare you in this process. Also, you will find the ways to re-integrate and prepare yourself after EVS life.

And, you will find helpful informations about how to be in a good relationship with your hosting organization.

This course is planned to assist and support the EVS volunteer, promoting the EVS activities organized in local community. It will cover the basic needs of the volunteer to advertise the event.Through the first part of the course, we provide to the trainees basic information about how to promote EVS activities. In the second part we provide the steps a volunteer can use for involving the locals in the organized activities and methods of evaluating the promotion methods used. At the end of the course you will be granted with a special certificate to corroborate your participation in this course. 

A few words about the course .pdfA few words about the course .pdf

This course is to  find out which competences EVS volunteers typically develop in their EVS projects and how they develop them. 
To identify what is needed for the development of learning processes for EVS volunteers and to motivate and support volunteers in how to write their competences for the Youthpass.

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The aim of this e-learning course is to support ex-EVS Volunteers in the engagement in a local community through own initiatives, get involved in an EVS Mentoring system and benefit from other type of Erasmus+ opportunities at local, national and European levels. During the course you will have possibilities

- to identify mechanisms for ex-EVS Volunteers to apply their competences in a local community upon their return to home countries,

- to transform the nature of an ex-EVS Volunteer to the role of a mentor to provide personal and learning support to current EVS volunteers within the term of the voluntary service,

- to provide information on Erasmus+ learning possibilities to boost ex-EVS volunteers professional and personal growth after the completion of EVS projects.

This course will last 5 weeks where you will have a space to discover and learn about topics, such as

- Active involvement in local communities after the EVS projects,

- Mentoring system in EVS,

- Erasmus+ and other opportunities,

- Evaluate and Close

which will be accompanied by theoretical insights and practical tasks to be carried out in online and offline settings. After successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate of participation.

This training course is focusing on giving insights into youth work, its essentials, including non-formal education, competences and recognition across Europe. During the course, we will explore topics, such as:

  1. What is youth work at European level and who is a youth worker
  2. Differences and specificities between formal, non-formal and informal education
  3. Youth Work Competences
  4. Recognition of youth work across Europe


  1.  To define youth work and take insights into the definition and classification of youth workers at European level,
  2. To explain differences and specific aspects of  three types of education: formal, non-formal and informal,
  3. To present essential youth work competences to be required to work with young people,
  4. To identify examples and introduce cases about the qualification and recognition of youth work in larger Europe.

By the end of the training course, you will be equipped with general knowledge on what youth work is, what are definitions of various types of education, what kind of competences are required from  youth worker to work with young people and the presence of youth work qualifications and recogition of it at European level.

By the end of the training course, you will get a certificate of achievement if more than 60 per cent of the course is achieved.


This course will allow you to:

1. Learn to use Wordpress to creating an EVS experience-based platform.

2. Create contents for show how your EVS daily life looks through uploading photos, pictures and text.

3. Be informed about how to use the EVS network to promote and share their activities.

4. Learn the utility of social networks for sharing contents and experiences.

5. Learn how to organize offline events which involve ex-volunteers through Final Evaluation meeting.

Objective of the course :  To prepare the know-how for ex-volunteer to integrate the JOB market in one day.

To examine/detect the personality, for job focus according to the previous analysis.

2. To learn how to create CV and appropriate documentation and prepare the interview.

3. To identify the two types of job market and create the steps to find a company for working.

4. To choose the appropriate time for realizing all previous steps

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